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If I had the talent, the time, the support, (final...




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Would you love a tranny.


My discord ex was into this shit unironically


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This thread reminds me of some riot grrrl album that was recommended on inch years ago called 'shanti and her whores' or something. can't find it or I might be misremembering the name also, punk is such a low tier genre, all of it just sounds the ...


advanced ki padhai nahi ho rahi hai anons bheenchkicjut yaar mujhe iit jaana hai



Dalit girl here


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Is it worth leaving endia and how to


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Authoritarian parents are a key factor for the dow...


Saw a really cute girl with red hair irl


What now


>be me >try to give jee last year >couldn't qualify because of retarded family >gets into college >give jee, get good >try for advanced >again, schizoid grandpa falls from escalator >mfw advanced in 13 days >it's lethal probably


Ghetto Rap being more popular among inch teens tha...


Wojak thread

Post wojaks of Indian stereotypes and Indian public figures like politcians or whoever is relevant. You can also post wojaks of non Indians who are relevant to us like our neighbors


>the chinks and japs have hardwork >the amerikis and europoors have sheer willpower from egotistical superiority or individualistic free will rationality >the russians and central asians have natural talent >the gulfs and middle easterns have un...


If I had the talent, the time, the support, (final EPF thread)



Final punk fag thread as my faggotry was drowning this board

If I had a musical instrument, time to learn the skills to play it and sing and write songs, and real friends to start a band with

I'd start a band called Berozgar Kutte Bille & this is what Endia's first punk album would be like

1.TeriBehnkiAnarchy- Obnoxious intro track with poorly played guitar and shouting lyrics

2. Coolie - Song about not wanting to work a job at a mass recruit IT sektar consultancy firm

3. Sarkari Nokri - making fun of people preparing for gormint exams for ages

4. Chali gayi - song about a randi pretending to love you and then leaving you for someone worse and how love is a scam

5. Boodhda - song making fun of the personal old uncle fags who are in power to make most decisions but then blame their kids' generation when shit goes South

6. Entrance Exam - Song about JEE/NEET and how almost everyone has taken science even though they didn't have any interest in it

7. Gandustry - make fun of main stream endian artists for mostly making songs about love while half of the country stays single till arrange marriage

8. Maa Baap - heartfelt song about giving cope pill to kids that fucked up on an exam or something like that

9. Brainstroke - catchiest song on the album, catchy happy beats, but about wanting to die from a brainstroke while laying in bed cuz too lazy to get a rope or climb a building.

10. Desi Daru - sneak diss on this Bengali Rock band I hate called Fossils that has a fanbase of tier3cel engineers, and promote smoking weed and drinking to these poor fags.

11. Desh Drohi - Make fun of people that worship cricketers who promote 11 no. betting apps, talking about how these desh drohis want to make their fans gareeb by getting them into gambling

12. Nahi hoga- Final actual track in the album but instead of sounding like a pop punk like the previous songs, sounds like a hard sad grunge song, and the lyrics are about how things won&


13. Tera - 13 second audio of a drunk husband beating his wife and kids

14. Choda - audios from many desi bhabhi porn played one over another

15. Khatam- Rahul Gandhi saying khatam tata bye bye remixed into a club banger type track


All endian punk threads











these three can be made w/o instruments in some mixing software like Audacity or FLStudio.

Get to work pyaare. Post updates here or in >>8712 (hobby threada).

But of course this (like coding) requires you to have steady access to a computer. Maybe you could play your baap to give you one considering you're doing CSE?

Also didn't you mention coding on a family laptop in >>17272, but you're talking about getting a gt 730 in >>17272? Agar computer hai toh kuch karle yaara.



I have a shitty family computer with a gt 730, and can't keep shit, also I gotta learn cuz I have no experience with music



Also that ain't the point



Topkek. BhaChels on the way to become Indian Peter Sotos.



Kys, we ain't attracted to loli cunnies



For clarification the last 3 are gonna be joke tracks, the main target is to get the first 12 songs and have an impact like the sex pistols



I'll unironically prefer an album of joke tracks like those, instead of these cucked punk tracks.



won't work saar you will called nallla. nobody will like you except losers. you will be one of them no one will care

kill your self



It's more cucked to watch society fucking the future of this generation while the teens rn dick ride American ghetto rappers instead of trying to overthrow corporate slavery, meme exams, and speak up against media, politics,celebrity mfs actively trying to make the poor middle class more garib



That's exactly the point to fucking energize the nalla losers, to give them some cope and white pill




based l00stiner



Just a punk fag


full sapot


Kuchh karo anon. Do something, no matter how insignificant. Github hai na? Make a .html shrine to punk on Github Pages. Find someone in kalej with instruments and form a band. Be resolute and strive towards your goals.


>full sapot

Godspeed, punkfag



in addition, I do browse this board daily, if I can help your aspirations anyway do let me know. I'm tired of everyone living the same life, listening to the same music, wearing the same fashion etc.



Can't man, most (by the way I am a nigger)s in the college I'm gonna go are management quota fags, also never seen retard my age into this shit, majority of them like arishit ching or Bollywood shit, rest dickriding ghetto rappers.

I'll try the html page, but can't do shit until 2nd year, rn not even got ₹900 to my name let alone get a guitar kit worth ₹9k, maybe if I skillmaxx and get paid internship of ₹5k a month then can try, rn I need more important things like a monitor that doesn't give me headaches (picrel) which I don't have cash for


take our voices in a track EPF

We'll be ready to drop in verses



>never seen a retard into this shit

Which is why I want you to succeed, yaara. We as a country can do better than sucking off Juice WRLD.

>try the HTML

https://goblin-heart.net/sadgrl/ has some nice resources, and the page is nice to look at, too.

If you want some stylistic inspiration, feel free to look at



I can draw pixel art as well, so if you want a little drawing or two I'll be happy to oblige :3


Ah. Yeh thoda tuff hai. How much are the monitors you want to buy? I just use a laptop.




thanks a lot bradar I was manually writing .html, really appreciate it, I don't want to make it too fancy, it needs to feel raw and rough to give the punk feel. I was trying black background with ms word fonts and black and white images to link to influence music

>Thoda tuff

The Paisa part isn't only the tuff thing, I need money to buy the guitar, normies say just to get an acoustic but you can't really play punk on acoustic without the rough distortion effects, I can pick up a cheap kit for ₹9k but the problem is they're known to give back problems and bleed out fingers, people who know shit reccomend getting a squire strat, whose kit costs ₹21k, the only way I'm getting that is to get an internship type job or do freelance shit in 2nd year of college. (Don't wanna risk getting a back in first year).

But the main challenge is knowing how to play the shit, while punks are known for playing poorly, I'd still need some skills to play something that people will want to hear again and writing shit that sounds good. Which will require time and effort, which I'll have to manage with college and whatever job I'll have, which is next to impossible

But yea rn about the PC, I'll have to get laptop for college I'll have to ask my baap, not sure if he'll spare ₹67k on me after I got 67% in my boards, but I'll get a pirated version of some app like bandlab or gl studio and learn from YouTube and try to do something right now

>Want to see succeed

Well as much as I hope, it's hardly possible, making a full studio album costs tons of lakhs, also people would hate on us up and down for some of the shit, or how we sing, not more than 10 people will probably show up when we're performing live, and if we're lucky we'll get 10k listeners on Spotify,

maybe who knows

On the delusional viewpoint, the negative press attention could attract more clout,





Instead of only punk, can't we just make sort of a "Collective" that includes all types of revival, experimental and World Music, including punk?



Cuz that's not the point, the point is a culture revolution like 1970s Britain and radicalise loser teens to speak up against shit and overthrow societal norms



it's india dude nothing happens here but full saapot



Nothing ever happens anywhere, but still introducing a bit of anarchy among teens would help the future generations to not be cucked by society



Excess of teen rebellion and sexual revolution are direct causes of the fall of the West. Instead of decreasing cuckoldery they'll increase it. Pajeetland mein jitna acha bacha hai uski bhi gaand maarli jayegi.




I think this might be the easiest thing on the list, yaara. Do you have any screencaps?


I get bleeding fingers, but how does the cheapo kit give you back problems?

And about the skill, yeah, I'd say it takes 2-3 years to get to a point where you can play well enough to perform and all. Are you starting with no knowledge? Balancing a job and kalej is hard enough, uske upaar bandbaazi will need some finesse. But I have faith in you anon.

Bandlab is free, I used it a few years ago and made some trash beats. It's quite limited but you can learn it pretty quickly nonetheless.


Yeah, there's a TON of new music every day. Rising above the morass of detritus and being seen is the most difficult part by far. Chance plays a big role. If you can make some connections it might be easier.

>negative attention could attract clout

It WILL. If a large enough population sees it, someone is bound to like it eventually.


I agree. Recently I came across a plebbit post on r/Teachers about a class refusing to give their Algebra I exam. Imagine that. An entire class being organised enough to protest, AND sticking to their guns despite the threats of suspension and calling parents. Could never happen in lundia, here even 30 year olds don't have enough free thought to do things like this.

p.s. thenx for introducing me to Sex Pistols, my ears hurt but it's worth it >:)


Sounds interesting, anon. Try it yourself! Make a webpage! See what sticks! I'll extend the same offer of full sapot I make to the punkfag.



Listen to >>19762 picrel album. Idk if you'll like it but Piazzolla is one of my favourites.



> Make a webpage

As in?



Nah teen rebellion had nothing to do with the downfall of the west, it's the jew pedos controlling media that caused the downfall, it's teen rebellion that saved em from not going into the downfall during 1970s to 2000s, back then western teens had some amount of critical thinking skills which stopped em from believing whatever jew media was saying without asking questions, other wise they would've cut off their dicks and become trannies long ago like the pedo media wanted em too, rn anarchy punk is dead in the west which is why the jew pedos are winning, and they're franchising too using bullawood in India



>album recc

My taste is mostly soft music, truth be told. But I'll give it a try.

>make a webpage

I meant it literally. The idea was that the website acts like your own corner of the net where you can post up albums and tributes to your favorite artists. Spread awareness and all that. It's better than a social media page. Check the links I posted in >>19711 for inspiration :)

NeoCities and Github Pages are solid options for hosting.

Collectives usually kya kya karte hai?


>it's tango music

Oh, shit, nevermind what I said. Save kar diya. Libertango is really nice.



I'll post the site here once I'm done and it's up.

The backpain can be caused if the guitar isn't the right size and having to manipulate your spine to play it and yea I'm starting with literally 0 knowledge

>2-3 years,

yea by that time I'll be old enough to sit in placements, well if it works, it works.

>Sex Pistols

Man I originally started with blink 182, they are heavily overlooked because of the emo shit they were being forced to do in early 2000s by some major label they signed for but their songs like anthem and dude ranch album are the shit that got me into punk, but listening and watching recorded version of their live performance is what made me want to fucking start my own band, if you got time, I'd suggest listen to their older stuff and their live album once


But what the Indian teens needed was songs about not wanting to be what society wants, not be a status symbol which I realised after listening to songs like this



And green day's dookie, and eventually the rabbit hole went deeper until the very end at sex pistols who first started using punk to radicalise teens into anarchy, but yea they're all good, going to the level of impact as sex pistols isn't possible in India, but yea trying for blink level of impact



let's do it (by the way I am a nigger). i'm already on it if you don't know




Applying concepts rooted in the Western mindframe will only have opposite effects. Create your own framework pyaare.



Please do. Should I share the link around? Could help you get some publicity.


Kek, same. I was basing my observation off of pixel art, so I'm not sure how much it applies to guitar. Punk gaane banana and wageslaving seem mutually exclusive, somehow.

>anon's punk journey

I see. What emo shit do you mean? Unke gaane?

I'll listen to the music you linked in a bit, my ears are really ringing now.

Do you know any instruments besides guitar? Drums, keyboard, so on?


this is how op looks btw



I am rn stuck with college admission and can't do shit until 2nd year

>Other instruments

I actually wanted to start with a bass, but had to go with guitar cuz it's cheaper, if I can make enough money I might get a bass instead of guitar, but for a band I'll need 2 more guys,

bass, guitar and drums are essential, which is why it's highly unlikely I'll make it a full on band



Nah man I look like a chasmish nerdy skinny fairskin padhaku Bengali fag

Imagine picrel but as a bangali



i am interested in playing drums but they are too expensive

drums in touhou metal are computer generated ykwim

even ICDD had computer generated drums back in the days






Yea man it works but just for basic song recording, that's why successfully doing all this more impossible in endia, it's hard to get the punk feeling without the legit drums, even if I make the songs and get em out I can't perform em live. Unless I find other people irl that are interested it's not possible



>other instruments

How much more is a bass than a guitar? You could probably fake the drums with computers, par concert vagara nahi kar paega. And the more advanced shit is impossible as well. Mera ek dost hai who plays drums, but he's given it up right now. Would you be willing to buy a secondhand kit (acchi quality) if it's cheap?

>finding other people irl

Of course. Website vagara may attract some like minded people.


Just out of curiosity, do you dress like a typical punkfag as well?

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