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Let's Go Bois.jpg
Let's Go Bois.jpg (210.87 KB)

Bharatchan v1

Welcome to Bharatchan! Follow this thread for information related to updates, features etc. Currently you can, >create posts >reply to posts >s...

bharatiya-pyari.png (345.65 KB)


Post your suggestions, board banner requests, etc. under this thread. **Note: For banners the size should preferably be 450x150px or in similar ratio...

GHE9be1XoAAM5o0.png (289.92 KB)

Accepting submissions for State Flags and other custom tags

Was thinking of doing it on my own but not getting time hence asking community members to do the needful.

bharatiya-pyari-transparent.png (280.77 KB)

Pyaari's edges were looking dirty with krsna theme so I did some cleanup on the original image.

images (7).png
images (7).png (0.41 KB)

Add Jat (Bharatpur State) flag or I will kill you jannie

1560455431_image.jpg (86.75 KB)

back from wagecvckery time to grind

oookay so i have gone through the suggestions mentioned under this thread >>4929 (damn we close to 5000 posts :animu_casual_dance_g:) I have excel ...

Fix it

Madarchod admin posts are still not getting deleted

Work extra time idc, grind those pajeet ass up

wu9jp1aclxcb1.jpg (167.55 KB)

Don't mind me

Testing all the flags t. India

HD-wallpaper-anime-cafe-slice-of-life-girls-ponytail-horns-anime.jpg (89.49 KB)

Rename /gen/ to /cafe/

How do I delete my own posts which I find cringe after typing?

It asks for password and issue date

No I'm not gonna sign up on this stupid website

Janny/Admin why aren't older posts being deleted? And what are you doing with muh IPs.?

And why do you even host an imageboard?

ntmles21p9e31.png (62.26 KB)

/his/ when

pls saars pls make /his/ board and merge /rta/ with it humble request

Fzf_Zb4XwAI0uLM.jpg (26.18 KB)

Region ban all foreign flags

>create own board to avoid 4cuck goras flinging shit at us >4cuck goras come here and fling shit at us anyway Jannies pls do the needful. This is Bh...

1712204145664.jpg (249.28 KB)

is this site pretty useless without (((javascript))) ?

Is my data going to gobermint?

Admin, I want to be convinced that bharatchan is not a glowhole. I don't want some fat underpaid unkil to look at my posts and book me for thought crimes against Milards of the court and Cuckendra Mudi the first of his name.

I don't want to be booked for calling out the increasing raand problem or calling for katua eradication. I don't want to be booked for proposing chamar destruction.

I don't want my data to be used for training whatever bots/llm you have or be sold to some techchamar.


2067x3100_4aaf73e261e04a64501b1e95814eb9c9-t3IMX6Cr.jpg (387.54 KB)

add /neet/

ae2c0b1a10faeca51bcb11e6098260d6.jpg (61.60 KB)

Few questions for mod sir

>is this site based in India? >how safe do you think we posters are from Indian government? >precautions to take?

Futaba-gaijin.png (299.62 KB)

>reduce banner size to 300*100 px >thumbnail videos >make post form accessible even without javascript enabled on browser >make captcha work even with...

scr.png (98.34 KB)


I think this site needs DDoS protection

I tried making a 1000 multithreaded requests and all were accepted. Even the counter on the site was updated.

RTI Request

I would like to know what technologies are being used in the backend to run this glowhole.





indiachan-square-2.png (238.13 KB)

hey admin why dont you install some proper imageboard software like lynxchan and use indiachan.in domain?

1240359053.jpg (124.45 KB)

Mayhaps have a report option so people can report things instead of saying "please do the needful janny"

24a62e0efed90a6f04d0c07259ffec78.jpg (76.08 KB)


weldurr.png (227.36 KB)

maintenance update

Next few hours, will be experimenting with ads presentation, website may show error or higher load time, kindly bear with it. If you are one of the ...

b8aefc281688b6765c026e2977e7d0850fc4f4cb2c19598c6669dd622daac4b0.jpg (90.87 KB)


GIzeXWfXcAEch6I.jpeg (37.78 KB)

Test / Spam Thread

testing and checking

1709834623553902.png (417.14 KB)

cheese pizza in /b/

>>1742 Do the needful, janny-sama

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