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Bharatchan is an imageboard where you can share posts, images, etc. and have discussions on variety of subjects. Have Fun!


Sitewide Rules
Political posts are not allowed outside /pol/
Trolling and NSFW posts outside /b/ are not allowed
Pornographic content is not allowed
Any type of conduct which violates the local laws is not allowed

Do i need to signup to post?

No, you can post without signup/login. It is an optional choice, if you signup you won't have to worry about repeated validations. That's it.

What is bookmarks section?

It allows you to save those posts locally which you liked, it doesn't require any login. It is stored locally on your machine and no such data is sent to the server. I thought it maybe useful, because it's something i felt imageboards were lacking. Currently maximum 50 bookmarks are allowed

Note: For both bookmarks / hidden posts, you can only reply to posts which are from general board, due to technical reasons. Created posts will be added in /general/ board.

What data is saved during signup?

Your username, location value you chose during sign up (state/country) (Note: not actual location) and password. Your username isn't shown on posts/replies you create. You can choose any other name during posting either.

How do i bookmark a post and how to access it?

You can bookmark a post by clicking on the dropdown option in the post header and selecting 'bookmark' option.
You can view your bookmarks by click on the bookmark link in the nav menu.

Can I hide a post?

You can hide a post by clicking on the dropdown option in the post header and selecting 'hide' option. Like bookmarks, 50 hidden posts are allowed currently.

How to use the custom emojis?

While in post-creation mode, pressing the '~' will show you emoji suggestions based on emoji code starting with ':' before '~' you have entered. You can close the emoji suggestions by typing '$'. For further details refer to the emoji page.

What is a Trip-Code and how to use it?

Trip-Codes are like pseudo username-password combo which allow you to associate certain identifier hash value to a certain username. You can use trip codes by using following format in the username input field of the form, username#password. It will show you the output something like this, username !HashValue in the username field of the posts.

How to use the basic markdowns?

Well find the guide below

>quote like this
*italics like this*
**bold like this**
***italic bold***
# Header 1
## Header 2
### Header 3
:emoji_code: for custom emojis.
>>post_id for linking another post like>>575
To embed images, "![title](https://www.example.com/)"Title is optional
To embed videos, "$[title](https://www.example.com/)"Title is optional
To embed audio media, "@[title](https://www.example.com/ description)"Title is optional
For spotify, youtube, vocaroo or twitter embeds, just copy paste the urls.

Source for country flags

I sourced it from flag-icons repo on github

Source for the custom flags is mentioned below

Custom Flags
Custom FlagsSource
ARYA: Āryāvarta/BhārataSome anon on inch posted it, i am not sure about the original OP
UN: United Nations / UrfWikipedia
JK: Jammu & KashmirWikipedia
WB: West BengalWikipedia
MH: MaharashtraFlag background was oc, silhouette of Shivaji was sourced from google images
JH: Jharkhand OC Bg while emblem from Wikipedia
AS: AssamWikipedia
TN: Tamil NaduWikipedia

What's the source of the song at the homepage (old page, no more active)

Rikka on youtube During the earliest phase of previous Imageboard we added this song to the video clip, currently it's a placeholder.

Where can i see updates related to website and What's up for future?

Regular updates related to upcoming changes and past changes are provided here >>575.