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welcome to /acd/ - academia

A dedicated containment board for zoomerjeets and other aspirants preparing for meme exam. Do your randi rona, 'discussions', etc. here. Any meme exam...

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design job

Is CAD/CAM an actually decent job? I want to design things but since there's no way they'll let someone fresh out of college into the same building as...


I've got JEE Adv exam center at ion digital prashanti college ujjain. How strict is the center, is cheating easy?

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Bhai ek baar jee / neet mein aajaye phir life set hai

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comedk general

all the best to every nanha anon giving comedk today, let us know how it went.

holy kek inb4 go back to plebbit ranjeet

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Change my mind

Roping is better than doing bhangineering from Tier-3 college, and posting in NEET general afterwards

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It's over

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It's so over for me(rant)

>So class 12 results are out , I saw my result it shows 83.4 then I went to my mom she wasn't happy then she called my father and told him my marks. ...

Why dont I ever see IITs making tech like this ever?

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Ex-JEEfags, how should a person study for JEE MAIN 2025 from right now starting from absolute zero? I am ready to give my 100% Tell me everything I s...

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Blackpill thread for tier3cels

Hello I'm the bhangi from /b/ I posted a blackpill thread inquiring users for data regarding height, looks, Caste, skin color, etc. I was wondering ...

anons, tell me good priv unis with a high CHAD CROWD, not the richfag circlejerk and not the dehati chammaran infested kaalejs

ive left my old kaalej, because

1. high fees

2. chammar infested

gave jee again and got 97.2x percentile

what can i do anons say me good engg colleges with reasonable fees and good infrastructure

Go back to reddit retard n!ggers

Doesn't really matter whether IIT is Gold or Goo

Because there is no investment either way.

How real is this tier list I found on aston.ac.uk


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>No reservation of any kind >Self selection process with a lot of hype >limited intake >Highest foreign settled alumni base >0% attendance policy ...

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fuck you doomers, optimism shit for tier 3 cell

You nigras ain't shit, thats the fucking beauty of lundian society, we bitch ass pajeets like to pray for the downfall of other pajeets trying to do t...

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PW femboy

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Holistic admissions

Opinions on holistic admissions?

Screenshot 2024-04-29 225418.png
Screenshot 2024-04-29 225418.png (143.97 KB)

Rat Race

>Saar he's the inspiration for every jeebungi saar I know this professor, he taught computer architecture in mathematics department. I respect him a...

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What do I do now ?

what do i do now /b/ros ? can't rope, mummy papa ka khayl rakhnewala koi nhi bachega. please help. bahut rona aa rha hai.

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Pwcel want lundians back

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Admin sama

The JEE jhoomars are too retarded to understand that this is their containment board. Try naming it IIT or bharatchanwalah or sum sheit instead of ZSG...

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images - 2024-04-02T160113.088.jpeg (44.07 KB)

I got wbjee in 12hrs but I haven't opened my book once

I haven't opened any of my pcm books since the last board exams, my dad put me in a college under management quota and now he's making me do this shit...

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