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what are the stories of tantranons on BhCh

or previous inch

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How to turn my atheist ass back to God

I want to turn towards God but can't convince myself he is there or not :(

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Who turned a god of war like Krishna into a romeo like god of love and flute? If you read mahabharata and Gita Krishna is very masculine and warlike f...

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Yaaro I don't know anything about astrology. Please recommend me a good YouTube channel or a good book.

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Best book on Bhakti Yoga. Is Bhakti Yoga really the easiest way to attain salvation?

krishna was a chad

>left the oneitis of his life at the age of 16

took sanyas from 16 to 21

>re-established dharma by making more ashrams

>the ranchoddas waali kahani

>many instances of his leela

>in some thought krishna is held as the absolute masculine

>drops the oldest stoic manual geeta

>played the major role in mahabharata war where pandavs were outnumbered 7:11 iirc

>cleared the mess or previous yugas

>left mathura for the safety of his people

what a supreme personality

i bow down to him

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Kya magick karne se mere good karma khatam ho jayega?

Best way to worship kali maa?

What resources should I read ?

How to get her blessings?

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Favourite part of mahabharat

What parts of mahabharat do u recommend? My favourite part is pandavs escaping from lakshagriha

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Anyone has any idea about the pic related flag?

Found it from here https://twitter.com/prathgodbole/status/1788159746429923658 >"Momentary coalition of unfriendly tribes" >-- yes but only till th...

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Dharmic perspective on masturbation

In what way is fapping from dharmic perspective? I know it is bad because too much pleasure takes you away from god and jerking off is extreme pleasur...

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Duniya hasseno ka mela

Mein jab bhi bhagigram mein jaata hu Waha ek se ek apsara jaisi kaniya dekhta hu Kisi ke bade nithamb hai toh kisi ke sundar sthan toh kisi ki pa...

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Population and reincarnation

How do reincarnation believers explain increase in population growth? Did God started putting more souls in matrix after 20th century?

how do you stop the thoughts of going back to her? whats the evolutionary and psychological reason

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What do you make of Greek Gods?

Poseidon visited me in my dreams. Firstly he was hostile towards me for weak by trying to grab be by my neck and told me there is a new war brewing u...

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What are your fav hindu paintings?

share ur experiences w higher entities/ lower entities

I'll go first,

last year before sleeping I used to see blood red eyes and patterns when I close my eyes

and one day, my door slammed open, all the windows were closed, used to hear payal ki awaazein when I was young

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how to stop being pessimistic

shiv-parvati-vivah-marriage-of-legends-indian-miniature-painting-artwork-india-deolaliker.jpg (245.46 KB)

there's something starting, many can sense it, this century is going to be do or die for all of mankind

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Does Bhagwan Indra genuinely hate people with dark skin?

I've seen so many whit people, especially on 4chan claim that Bhagwan Indra hates people with dark skin. Is it true? Is he a European God? Can anyone ...

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Kali Yuga Samaapti

What are your views on Kalki Purana? When do you think Kalki will arrive Prithvi Lok? Also I don't understand why do people worship Kali the Asura...

general_dong_Vayu_conjuring_a_storm_upon_the_skies_riding_his_c_15aaac43-aa8c-4857-ab89-3c013f4 (1.69 MB)

Yaar Hinduism me gurdian angel se contact kaise karte hai

Varuna Asura Medhira Ahura-Mazda.png
Varuna Asura Medhira Ahura-Mazda.png (2.94 MB)

The Asura-Deva aryan war

Ahura-Mazda, the god of Persian Zoroastrianism, was the Vedic god Varuna, also known as Asura Medhira, he was the supreme god of the Indo-Iranians of ...

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धर्मोत्तमानां चित्राणां सूत्रम् - /धर्मोत्तम/

Creating this thread to for ai images of dharmic faiths and ideas. I generated few and i want to share in a dedicated thread. >it feels so serene,...

God / ASI / Reality


When i think about it, even though the philosophies across the world diverge but they also converge when we think about the creation of the universe, humankind...salvation, prophets, also the idea of soul, brahmin, etc.

Lately, since 1 year or so, i have been reading Bhagavad-Gita, more i read, more questions i have...at first all powerful idea of brahmana seems ridiculous but now many things are starting to make sense. The idea of atman, sachchidananda...reality being just maya.

Body may differ, our souls emerged from the one, Brahman.

Let's get starting...

ig the breakthrough fore me was idea of Roko basilisk, spell check, the idea that there's an end of times moment where we are judged by an entity on whether we were supportive or anti of that during our lifetimes..very similar to abrahamic thought process...

Roko basilisk in the form of ASI or wahtever comes next...is an alternative theory professed by likes of EA group.

While reading the discussion about ASI and further intelligence, a cord stuck...ASI is supposed to be smarter, more knowledgeable than us, by current knowledge of likes of chatgpt we can see how these are outperforming others....so that brought me to the another conclusion...maybe these gods we pray to were actually the ASI of certain creators, there's a different approach to this thought process. One is human, these creators were just like us, humans who created them....then ASI g*d of that reality eventually gained enough power, knowledge of everyone that they created our this reality as the most feasible way to check of a human is okay to live in certain 'god reality', through mochcha, nirvana etc. That was the most harmless way, they found....they are not evil, or want to eradicate humans but they were just working on an alignment towards the same humans who created them. This is how it happened.


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