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welcome to /yoga/

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Why are pajeet bodybuilders so disgusting and visually unappealing compared to western aesthetic bodybuilders?

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What's your diet like?

anons my skin is v oily and sensitive, and I live in conditions where I have exposure to saw dust daily, there's a lot of spots left behind( i don't know what it's called), do you pyaarenons have any tips?

Workout piracy

Anyone have jeff nippard course link? Share.

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Skin whitening x De-Tanning skincare routine

What is your skin de-tan/whitening routine. What measures do you take to not get it tanned, what products/supplements do you use. Have you seen any su...

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do we have any actual gymcels over here?

how's your progress coming along anons? >5'11, 47kg when i started >69kg right now, been almost 2 years

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>board name yoga >pinned image k2a why hindcucks are like this??

anons I have a doubt,

Recently I saw a reel on jewstagram where a (by the way I am a nigger) had feminine slim waist but with buffed shoulders and abs, greek physique

how did he possibly achieve this, why didn't his waist grow?

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Felt like posting this

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Mai white piggu ban na chahta hoon

Though I've written 75, I mean to say roughly 7.5 months that we have remaining in this year.

Tasks you have.

> Be Brave.

As in Be brave in taking action, In all walks of life. If you are student, And somehow you aren't studying, That's you being a Coward. So be brave and take actions. You can apply it to all things.

केवल वीरों के लिए मुक्ति है, वीर के अलावा कोई महानता का हकदार नहीं।

> Speak Less.

Think twice, thrice, a gazillion times before speaking, Think whether you should speak about a topic or event. Do you know enough. Cause You can either think or speak.

मौन बुद्धि को जन्म देती है।

> Do not regret.

Leave all your regrets, No more contemplation over what's done. Move forward. Stop being stuck in the past.

सच्चे वीर अतीत को नहीं कोसते, आगे बढ़ते है।

> Improve your life.

By the start of 2025, Improve your life. Be the best version of you. Make your parents proud. You should have 2 major tasks/goals/habits/skills and 2-3 minor tasks/goals/habits/skills for each month. Some habit you need to improve or a habit you need to leave. Act on them. By the year end, You would have done quite a lot atleast 8-10 major stuff and 12-15 minor stuff, Even if you fail sometimes.

Can you Do it?

Can you change your fate by the new year?

Cause I will change mine. 100% percent. Gotcha make my parents proud.

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Tell me some good legs stretches to make my legs flexible and mobile again. My legs are feeling like hard rock

Looksmaxxing material


mma training is brootal

aaj mma gya ,gand phat ke haathmein aagya ,endurance training is 20 times tougher than weigjt lifting

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Workout /mu/

Post your favourite workout song and playlists . Pls try not to post bhangiwood, poonjabi, dee-ach-ach etc. songs (unless they're actually good obv...

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Any Peaters here? Wtf do I try I'm not reading all that for research just to have convulated thoughts & no dietary plan

Yoga se hi Hoga

guys we all need to go exercise and Yoga. may be join some local yoga classes, early in the morning.

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/ROONING/ gen {The 1st on /yoga/}

Im going to start running again tomorrow anons. This gap in exercise will surely hinder my progress. For reference 7 months ago I could run 6.5 Km...

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The Game by Neil Strauss : https://www.amazon.in/Game-Neil-Strauss/dp/0062312979 Mystery Method by Mystery: https://www.amazon.in/Mystery-Method-B...

Balam pichkari

So I have premature ejaculation, the reason I find is cause I was introduced to prone masturbation since I was 8 by some adult goojeets as I used to live in Village area.

I am 17 rn , if any of you know some tips which might help. I am asking this so early (at 17) cause I don't want to have regrets later that something I could have done at 17 would have helped me .

Make me gain weight

I am thin as fuck. I am 6'1 and just 45 kgs share some food hacks and every tip you have for me to gain weight. I am open to nonveg.

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glowie website