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Balam pichkari

So I have premature ejaculation, the reason I find is cause I was introduced to prone masturbation since I was 8 by some adult goojeets as I used to live in Village area.

I am 17 rn , if any of you know some tips which might help. I am asking this so early (at 17) cause I don't want to have regrets later that something I could have done at 17 would have helped me .

Looksmaxxing material


Make me gain weight

I am thin as fuck. I am 6'1 and just 45 kgs share some food hacks and every tip you have for me to gain weight. I am open to nonveg.

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/ROONING/ gen {The 1st on /yoga/}

Im going to start running again tomorrow anons. This gap in exercise will surely hinder my progress. For reference 7 months ago I could run 6.5 Km...

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