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welcome to /ent/

>>>/ent/ is dedicated for discussions related to movies, songs, anime, games, etc. Poster by >>593 anon.

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did anyone watch kalki? how was it?

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Post your steam profile if you're not a mobilefag and play real games

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kino I will be watching

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In-ear moniters

Based iem bros what difference you find after switching. Lets discuss. and drop your playlist (optional)

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/kawaii music/ General

Post music that gives you hope and takes you on an mental journey away from this randi world.

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Kota Factory S3

Watched 2 episodes of season 3 of this show and so far it's a massive improvement over the first two. Will share my thoughts here.

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Best Final Fantasy 11 private server

Out of the different Final Fantasy 11 private servers, I like Valhalla the most. Valhalla has TRUSTs, 90 level cap, XP gain rate same as retail. Mo...

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Who did it better?

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What is your comfort TV sitcom? The show you don't even think is particularly good but you still end up watching random episodes of again and again. F...

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/philosophical music/

What music do you listen to, the lyrics of which you don't care much about and hence it's language becomes unimportant. This type of music gets you i...

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Will he redeem today?

This is the chance

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suggest comfy games that you play that makes you forget about all your problems

Maybe in next life, she will be mine

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/pro masculine music/

https://youtu.be/CGaqrc8EyqU If left alone without any consequences we would all >Have cunny sex >Murder and pillage >loli bdsm and sheiz List ...

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BJP hatao, desh bachao

OBC modi chamar came to power with full majority: 2014 T20 WC Final: Lost 2015 WC Semis: Lost 2016 T20 WC Semis: Lost 2017 CT final: Lost 2019 WC...

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movie night

https://hyperbeam.com/i/ILl7DtRa Need to watch something yaaro, this counselling shit is taking ages. BTW someone please tell me what is the downsi...

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stillpilled ki gf reveal

this is stillpilled gf

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/metal/ general

Black लोह edition Post what you're listening to anons. Any *metal* genre welcome. > How do I make music charts? https://www.neverendingchartren...

Enough with doomer core

>Kaisa Junoon Khwaabon Ki Anjuman Mein Tha Kya Mein Kahon Kya Mere Baagpan Mein Tha Ranish Ka Chala Tha ...Fhobwara

Phoota Jo Khwaab Ka... Goobbara

Abb Phirta Hoon Mein

London Pairis New York La Sans Fansico


How did ge do it bros? Also please recommend more songs that make feel like gigachad Main character.

Lets hop into some chadcore

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Bevda Das

Yaaron watched Devdas (1955), Devdas (2002) and Dev D (2009) today. Dev D is too kino. The soundtrack is one of the best to come out of bollywood a...

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Peak jeetslop

Yesterday I thought that it would be a good idea to open up jewtoob to destress a bit instead of just talking to my wife, as usual. I started search...

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This movie was real trash, it felt like watching Hero Bhaki Shakti Hi serial but with ugly abbos(The main girl is fine tho). How did this become the...

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2 years later, still no pajeet movie to top this.

UEFA Euro Cup 2024 Live Stream Free Online

UEFA Euro Cup 2024 Live Stream Free Online

Watch it here: https://uefa-euro-2024.blogspot.com

Reload the website if the player isn't opening.

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Poorfag gaming

I am poorfag Only ever played games as a as a teen >Free Fire >​PUBG Mobile ​>Call of Duty Mobile ​>GTA San Andreas ​>GTA Vice City