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>mudi distributed my ass

he is currently being gaped by modi and collective it cell

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Realistically how much money do you need right now to get your life back on track? For me it's around 1Lakh

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Love jihad "conspiracy theory"

I posted picrel in my family group and my dad replied with this wiki page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_jihad_conspiracy_theory What reply shoul...

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two weeks and i am forgotten

What's kejru's end goal? Complain was filed by cvckgressis and bjpoos sent the ED. Now it seems nobody is even bothering to talk about aap in sm.

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True Indology is exposing da jooos

Come in here everyone, TI is posting about what Jewish scriptures say about goyim. He even explains how the term 'kufr' comes from hebrew jewish ter...

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hath badlega halath

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I do enjoy jeetpilled white women

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Wtf? ChandraCHUD is a Cunnysseur?

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Wow, I didn't know Jewkraine was poorer than fucking Sri Lanka and Bhutan and barely above lundia. Jewkrainians in /pol/ were far more uppity despite ...

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Khamenei should pay the price of the missiles, not the Iranian people What Iranian people should do IS work for their Own happiness Instead of...

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Hindu rashtra is inevitable

Hindus are forced to be chastised by ((them)) but that will never work Soon people will realize controlled opposition like Gandhi was traitors. ...

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full suppporrt saaaar

I don't even hate joos, for most of the parts they are irrelevant to our country. Include this war, so why do these retards keep harping about full su...

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did you know? these arab kids are out of control, they attack politicians and the po po can't do shit about them instead they are pursuing activit...

Guys do not lose hope. Ignore 400 paar, I do not think BJP's win is that easy.

First of all we need a wake up call from this media/social media narrative. These narratives are in BJP's control since Media is with them and they have significant IT Cell backing.

BJP had 303 seats in 2019 Lok Sabha seats. To get to their target they have to retain all these seats and gain 67. Which is quite difficult even impossible. DON'T BELIEVE THE MEDIA'S NARRATIVE.

Unemployment is a big issue. Not everyone is going to vote for it - Yes. Some people might even ignore it but people who are facing these issues themselves, their family is not going to vote for them. It'll reduce their vote share.

Farmers have been hurling stones at the BJP Party. They have no credibility left with farmers. Not all farmers but a major percentage. Their families will not be voting for BJP in this elections (and some people just never). Haryana and Punjab being important states.

2019 had a significant increase from 2014 seats because of Jio's free internet, Pulwama attack etc. Today, it's about Mandir which has faded a little bit already.

BJP's image is not as clean as 2019. There were no big issues raised. Today their image has fallen. They are desperate. Today people are saying they are less corrupted.

Democracy dying is a big narrative that is there. Some people may dismiss it but they know it already.

Alliance also mean that oppositions vote share will be one. They are more likely to gain the number of vote share fighting as one.

Nitish Kumar's image in Bihar has fallen down. People have started hating him a little. BJP is much likely to lose seats there.

Karnataka where they performed really well but recently lost in state elections, are they going to perform and retian the same number of seats - 25/28?

Covid second wave being one of the biggest failures of the government. Has it not lost some amount of credibility there?

All I'm saying is let's not get sucked into the narrative that it&#x

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India will grow larger

Bharat is inevitable.

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This is a nice board Keep it up bharatbros Also in arabic bharat means spices, i guess now i know what it means

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Why anon why?

Why aren't you helping out these hindu shernis, anon? Why aren't you laying your life down fighting for them? Why aren't you helping dindu dharam anon...

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Its over for Indian men

>be X >19 yrs old >gf haver >gf family asks to marry >tfw just 19 yrs old >let us complete education and get career first >gf family put sex on ...

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Everything is justified against israel

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i have a beautiful picture

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unknown gunman

>The Indian government assassinated individuals in Pakistan as part of a wider strategy to eliminate terrorists living on foreign soil >Panjwar’s ass...

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Troonchads, I kneel.

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omg kashmiris are being oppresshud like poor poolestinians


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https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Goldstein https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Lansky https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goy https://en.wikipedia.org...



SMOLOKO.COM IMAGES.zip 2.63 GB https://www.mediafire.com/file/3o0q1hcl0mwr6j3/SMOLOKO.COM+IMAGES.zip/file SMOLOKO IMAGES.pdf 572 MB https://arc...

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