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Budget Day thread

This is Budget Day thread Finance Minister Nirmala Sithraman on 23rd July, 2024 will be presenting her 7th Union Budget under the Modi 3.0 governme...

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Absolute state of lundian politicians

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>100% rijerbeshun


I see so many people claiming to be 'Pure Aryan'

It's honestly really annoying at this point. The term Aryan comes from the Rigveda and Avesta, while the Avesta claims all Vedic and Avestan people are Aryans, the Vedas only claim the Vedic people to be Aryans. The common here is Vedic people not Sintashta, they aren't even mentioned...

Genetically speaking the W. Himalayan people from Khas to Kashmir are closest to the Vedic people(Pure) although there is minor Mongoloid DNA. These are the humble people that are actual Aryans. I see Europeans Kanging on Aryans which is rooted in their Sintashta fantasy. Since Sintashta are genetically closest to N. Europeans. I see Iranians Kanging on Aryans because they see themselves as white when they are just some Arabs speaking an Indo-European language. But most annoying of all there are certain Indian races claiming Aryan status and mocking other Indians, I won't take names and no I don't hate them but I see so many races and groups from Non- W. Himalayan North India and claim to be Aryan and say they have 35%+ Steppe DNA, honestly I don't give an F how much steppe DNA u got, u still aren't Aryan, most of that DNA comes from Scythians who were barbarians who got absolutely screwed by Turks.

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>Kerala land reform resulted in more land going towards nairs and brahmins and loss of land ownership among obc ezhavas, bhangis, and k2os >bulldozed...

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Brahmin rands for ahirchads

Getting laid culture :-

1. if you pay for the dinner, You can fuck her.

2. if she pays half of it, better luck next time.

3. if she pays for the dinner, She wants to get fucked :3

Dreams of Bharat


I cry myself to sleep everynight , thinking of what india could have been.

I dream of a cyberpunk india with skyscrapers poking holes in the sky and a neon coloured horizon. Flying cars and and buses in a mega airway to connect sections of the new city with the old city buried underneath.

Instead I have to go to work where half the road is broken and there is cowshit every 2.5 feet on the footpath.

India could have been a superpower but instead we get to live in this shithole.


Is Congress unknowingly producing a Safe heaven for these muslim criminals to thrive? making laws and wavering their Crime?

You are not Islamic, you are a motherfucker

You are not Muslim, you are a criminal

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lmao absolute fucking circus a sikhni chants some langarjeet chanting and burger retards start calling it satanic hindu stuff? What? How fucking conv...

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>1.4 billion people >Made only three games worth playing Raji, Kamla and Fears to Fathom How?

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99% of the negative stereotypes against India would be gone if Bihar didn't exist.

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Everyday a South park episode

in lundia >give out data for free free free to the public >absolute subhumans starts flooding the internet and starts aping the western poop but mas...

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Narendra modi is the agent of ambani -khangress(PBUH)

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>Indians cities, in terms of transit and aesthetics, are somehow only going to get worse.


RSS is just failed organisation.

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Free Karnataka

Free Karnataka from North Indian colonialism.

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Israel or Palestine?

Do you support Israel or Palestine?

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Which leader deserves to be featured in Indian currency notes?

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Modi ki guarantee

Modi ki guarantee

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Why do Aryan economies perform worse than Dravidian ones?

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They are genetically and culturally the same people to us yet they are 500% more clean and orderly. How?

Read a Non-theistic religion


Still writing it so comment.

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>Erm the browns are hecking evil and oppressive to their women >I love the brown and white women btw >I am a radfem >Women should stop datin...