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This is a containment board for /b/lackpillers, coomercels, jeecels and other lowlifes. Any sort of trolling or coomer thread outside of this boar...

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Reminder: There is still no answer to "why women keep their one booba out?"

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SEX = Sacred Energy Exchange Having sex is inherently magical in terms of energy shared between the man and the woman, the creative energy which is...

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Any active indian forum

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2x hoe writing a novel about chad

Now she is ready to ruin some betabuxxer's life after arranged marriage Broootal blackpill https://www.reddit.com/r/TwoXIndia/comments/1e7re6n/m...

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Get in the cage jeet wagie https://x.com/TimesAlgebraIND/status/1814907238873501803


> this one yt clip singlehandedly ruined the image of indians

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gimme some book recommendations >shouldn't be romance or fiction > preferably history, philosophy, political, religion

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Can you see Auras ?

im a very very frequent /x/ surfer and a occultist faggot. I've done many odd shit which I won't name but to keep this site interesting I'll start fro...

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Baman rand

absolute state of brahrands https://x.com/brvtal_pill/status/1814924531162886411 https://x.com/OfRunjh/status/1814937193116541105 https://x.com/L...

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They selected a rand for such a pious role

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Name my band /b/

Based unkill

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>be capt brijesh thapa >manages to wipe out him and the men under his command >nothing personal kid never send a kid to do a men's job

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Yaar the absolute brootaleshwar temple that is matrimony apps >every one wants a 1lpm earner, even the ugliest foids >all women are 26+, so basicall...

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Do you think if this guy went to mall wearing panche and chappal he would be stopped by security?

Are bihari guys pussy slayers right from their pre-teen?. Is that the reason why I see so many dehati porn in xhamster? Are bihari boys chads ? ...


Supp inchels, i wanted to get some advice about moving out of vishwaguru.

some background-

truecel, 5'4, mentally ill (diagnosed with adhd & depression), unreserved, middle class.

BA(pol sci) from DU, now getting mba from tier 3 private clg.

i was thinking about moving out to get a masters and probably stay there. i was thinking canada since they have the easiest pr laws and longest post study work visa.

i know that moving out wont make me any less of an incel or more fuckable. i just wanna work for 10-15 years, save up enough to buy a house or two in noida and live off rent.

i will have to take a study loan. if doesnt work out i will have to work my ass to pay it off.

one of my parents has a gov. job which will give pension so i wont be burning their savings or risking their money.

what do you guys think? is it worth it? is canada the right country or already too many pajeets there? whats the job market like? would you recommend any other country.

should i take the risk? all advice appreciated.

Women are getting better at fighting day after day.

Even Muslims aren't safe any more from women. They are training for total gynocracy. Good news for people who hate muslims more than women and those who love being cucked. But for red blooded males this is just more competition.

Women should not be trained and given access to firearms.


Hypergamy is natural in females Polygamy is natural in males Yet, you see no male crying about having to adjust with times.... Meanwhile women, al...

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Tell me again why we shouldn’t go ER on zoomerjeetas?

Relationship advice

Niggas im a fourth year student and shes a third year student.

Should i go for it? She looks at me very intently like she's waiting when i will come talk to her.

But i feel weird about dating a junior.


There're tons of pajeetas who are doing camshows these days. I have few questions-

1.Do pajeets really pay for that? I highly doubt

2.if they pay, how much these hoes make in a month?

3.should i pimp my GF(slim and busty) to do faceless streaming and scam jeets?

Bhach bhangiyo ye BP digest karo

Pajeeta fucking her bf while on the call with her soon to be AM beta buxxers mom

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بالتأكيد الصدر مهم بحياة الرجال ... لذا تظهره النساء ببراعة في بداية الأمر .... الي أن ينتهي دور الرجل في ان يضع لها الجنين

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Gentlemen please consider this. Thank you