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This is a containment board for /b/lackpillers, coomercels, jeecels and other lowlifes. Any sort of trolling or coomer thread outside of this boar...

3D Renders

I made some renders in my free time. not watermarking them.

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Think about it

> hobbyist ameriCHAD code bros on YT mog "professors" in muh Tier-1 kalejes > Everyone learns programming by themselves using online resources What...

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Change my mind

Roping is better than doing bhangineering from Tier-3 college, and posting in NEET general afterwards

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gymbros help

/yoga/ is dead so not posting there. I went to gym and don't know shit. The trainer there disappears every moment and whenever i ask him anything h...

Yu bhootnike pagal to na hai.


In bhen ke lodon ki buddhi, ghutno mein bas ri. Sallon gariyon ke emissions aur pollution uski choot (silencer) mein daal ke measure karo na, gaadi chahe 100 saal purani ho ya phi 100 din.

Sale pajeet. Bhosadike log bhi toh chootiya hain sab haram khor apni gaadi nu 5 saal mein badal na chahwe, isliye manufacturers ab samaan Aisa banawain Jo sutra 5 saal mein toot ke haath me aa jaway

Aur automobile lobby chahti hai ki log apni gaariyan jldi jldi bdlein. Sala jo engine radiator body tubes jo pehle steel ki awain thi wo ab plastic ki awain, arre bhisadiwalon, planned obsolescence ko criminalise karo. Behenchod.

Mujhe batawe gi ab Bharat sarkar kya chalana aur kya nahi. Bhains ki aankh inki

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>be some Ca topper and shit >CA Inter at 16 >be done with CA at 19 >AIR rank 1 in CA finals >ends up making youtube videos. >CONTENT CREAOTRSS ...

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Over for Pooslims

The year is 2045. The Pakistanis live under HINDV RULE. All Paki "males" are Hijrafied. Paki women live to serve INDIAN RAJAS in vast reproduction fac...

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Islam is the solution to the randi problem

Why are you still a kafir? Picrel


Imagine a 5'2" bihari labourer throwing her on the ground, tearing her clothes apart, spreading her legs wide open revealing her bushy pink pahadi cun...

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what does inch thinks about his man?

Mai ja raha hun apni life wapis pane

Pata nahi hoga ya nahi

pyaar, gf, job, dost, parents ki ijjat, respect, body, height wagera wagera milega ya nahi

Wo zindagi jo kabhi jiya karta tha

waisi hasi

waisi khushi

waisi peace

pata nai

par koshis kar ke mar jaun to chalega

aise baithe rone se acha to wohi sahi

Bakiyon ke liye bhagwan aa bhi jata hai, mere rone time to makhi macchar bhi disturb nai karte

Khair jo hai so hai

Sayad yehi meri zindagi hai


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The poo has finally been redeemed at the chikpet metro station. Total victory. Only cost me 10+10 for tickets from majestic metro station.

Mai ja Raha hu

Verbal and logical reasoning phadne for TCS nqt


Are you here?

Paging chutkajuari/owaisi anon.

Kaise ho saar? Are things going well?

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Ways to kill myself but it looks accidental and not painful

Batao yaaroo!!

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Which Indian city have IT jobs that is nearer to MP. I want job and I am Willing to shift if the job wants me to.

My biggest fear

To be mogged to oblivion by a girl

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Rope To Cope

Dear Tier-3cel, You will never be a real engineer. You have no fundamentals, you have no zeal, you have no dreams. You are a failure of a man twisted...

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Why do most of here believe that life is over if you don't get into IIT?

I've seen so many people here who genuinely believe that life is over if don't get into IIT. Why? You do realise that IIT is literally top 1% of the p...

Lundia is not for beginners



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Horny hu yara

Guys how to get sex? I had never have a female friend in my entire 20 years of life. The last time I talked to a female face to face for entire 1 min ...


its over i have become a coomer,i started jerking off when i was 14 and through ages of 14-16 i only used to jerk off once a week,but from lockdown it became once a day and it has been the same since,i have never in my life have jerked off more than once in a day,but from lockdown i coom daily,and by some focus or practice i hold it for two days but that happens only 3-4 times a month otherwise i coom daily.


will never return

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Why hasn't someone nuked this cunt already?

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Gay bhim

Gay bhim

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