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Bharatchan v1

Welcome to Bharatchan! Follow this thread for information related to updates, features etc. Currently you can, >create posts >reply to posts >s...

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Post your suggestions, board banner requests, etc. under this thread. **Note: For banners the size should preferably be 450x150px or in similar ratio...

GHE9be1XoAAM5o0.png (289.92 KB)

Accepting submissions for State Flags and other custom tags

Was thinking of doing it on my own but not getting time hence asking community members to do the needful.

bigBilla.png (11.03 KB)

Replace the damn AIshit in the corner

I drew picrel. Admin can have full rights and all. Just swap the AI billi in the corner with this. I'll draw more to cover the other themes. If you ...

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Why my Kashmir files thread was deleted? Are you a Muslim who got offended ayush?


yeah basically the title,

instead of the next-post insufferable bullshit just make a single entire page showing all the posts on the catalog page

this is basically Quality of life suggestion but worth cause once the thread is off the main page of the board it is near impossible for it to get attention even if it is HQ thread,

What's the male female ratio on this site?

unknown-1.png (143.36 KB)

Is admin of this Website is as Based as Puranvida?


When are you gonna make /porn/ board admin?

Saale bhangi kaamchor din bhar gaand pasare aaram farmata rehta hai, thoda kaam dhanda karle nirlaj

Aaj ke aaj mereko /porn/ board dikh jaana chaiye

Haath chala fatafat

no lgbt board??

the only and the biggest indian imageboard tho

abey lodu admin why this post is not deleted yet?

faaltu ka spam kar rakha hai /g/ board pe.


Dyaush saar tor and VPN ain't working

And make the dark theme default please, ot like device default how somehow Google detects it. At the same time though don't datamine much data.

Dyaush make doxxing against the rules.

And pull the plug. Murder this website.

hkkm.jpeg (26.89 KB)

fuck this board

>new inch created by some aussie (lol) who actually put in the bare minimum effort to make it soulful >had normal but topicless posts in its earliest...

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jeet over bridge.gif (337.75 KB)

test thread

improve the website

improve the website design

Screenshot_2024-05-06-20-43-36-57.jpg (364.35 KB)

It's Lenover

R.gif (635.66 KB)

Dear admin

If your name is ayus, do you know me from school? Is this a long awaited revenge you are planning on me because I called you a bihari when we were fig...

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Janny sama, have you roped or sumthang? Long time no see.

Petition to make an NSFW board

This is for the mods. It'd be great if this site had an nsfw board as well dedicated solely to explicit content.

This would be in addition to the somewhat nsfw content posed on /b/.

All the major imageboads usually have an nsfw board it'd be nice if we did too.


4d35bd12-b89e-4c2a-a825-dd0ef12978b7.jpg (315.75 KB)

Sup admin, it doesn't make sense for catalog mode to have pages. I say remove them from catalog mode. And reduce the thumbnail size a bit as well. Tha...

Screenshot_20240501-000010_Cromite-01.jpeg (277.18 KB)

Can't phonefag properly

Captcha is hidden behind keyboard

admin fix your e-mail

can't send mails to you

> Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender

> <[email protected]>:

said: 550 No Such User Here (in reply to RCPT TO command)

if i can't send a mail just tell me a way to contact you, i had created a thread long back and i forgot my account password - i want to get that thread deleted.

20240429_191559.jpg (873.37 KB)

Manmarziyaan is a Randi documentary

And plebbitors are either reposting the plot or literally living that life. Picrel Don't do arranged marriage. It's randi rehab. Do love marr...

What are you doing admin?

Admin do the following for truly anonymous experience.

Start deleting posts that are a fucking month old and de-bumped into oblivion.

Make this website unarchivable.

[MAJOR] Turn off the option of namefagging, and remove any mention of namefagging done here or on earlier InCh so that BhCh could make its own culture cause oldfags are dead so it's better we bury them.

Make sure that Exif data is not stored

Turn on TOR and VPN posting

Don't let nigggas derail threads.

Screenshot 2024-04-16 194948.png
Screenshot 2024-04-16 194948.png (4.58 KB)

Saars pls explain

vpn.jpeg (191.36 KB)

VPN or Tor isn't working

Hello admin sir, why VPN or Tor doesn't work with your website? I tried with VPN and i got post error and tried with Tor and got the same error. p...

chrome_screenshot_26-Apr-2024 1_03_11 pm IST.png
chrome_screenshot_26-Apr-2024 1_03_11 pm IST.png (419.47 KB)

staap pinning thredas

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