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long live indiachan

indiachan.net's domain registrar finally listened to my complaints and has probably asked the admin to take down the website.

Indiachan.net history

I started activities on indiachan in January 2024. Indiachan.net was active around mid-2023 running jschan. At sometime later that year it got reset. I know that it was since managed by Thomas Lynch.

So who was the admin of indiachan during mid-2023?

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Where do you buy pc parts?

Online ? Or just offline? What happens if the thing doesn't work? I just want a working pc nothing fancy mansy. >Footnotes (no need to read it ) ...

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Techbros rise up

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How do I ask illegal questions from llms?

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It's all so tiresome :(

>Cool open-source project >looks inside >tranny dev many such cases

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What is the cheapest full stack hosting I can buy?

holy shit what a retarded website

>tfw you have to sign in to imageboards in 2023

Screenshot 2024-04-17 044526.png
Screenshot 2024-04-17 044526.png (15.73 KB)

The registrar to which indiachan.net is registered. Should we email them about how the website is hosting racist and illegal stuff?

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>Bro I use arch linux >I am so hecking cool and smart >I am not like other people >I want le full control on my operating system

Scalar waves

Redpill me on this

Retd. Captain Ajit ji Vadakyali told me about them. I wish to know more

Why are they not being readily researched?

Pathetic pajeetian automobile scene

Indian car scene is sooo boring man

>No V6, V8

>No rear/mid-engine cars

>No dual-turbos

>No limited-slip diff

>No superchargers

>No supercars/hypercars

>No coupes

>No convertibles

>No huge spoilers

>No carbon fibre/alcantara/exotic materials

>Nobody mentions engine power in HP

>No car with power >150HP

>Muh SUV (same thing happening everywhere tho)

And lastly, no innovation

console rice 1.png
console rice 1.png (353.24 KB)

terminal only rice ?

is there a terminal only rice for arch, sort of like picrel ? but without an X server ? please don't cuss me out i'm still a linux newfag also fuck...

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how to be hacker

how to be hacker

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what should I do guys? Win10 keeps crashing and gives at least 5 BSODs times everyday. Also has pre installed shit that I tried to debloat but wont al...

c-by-example-que-1999-greg-perry-3.pdf (2.97 MB)


post resources for anything. PDFs, lectures, whatever. basic programming, machine learning, anything. just make sure links don't get outdated. prefera...

Screenshot 2024-04-10 210406.png
Screenshot 2024-04-10 210406.png (316.34 KB)

Common Microsoft L

They just keep losing...

free web hosting with subdomain






Midrash.no.Caster.full.3619151.png (7.11 MB)

Website/App blocking software for productivity

I'm looking for an application that can hard block applications and websites (meaning I cannot edit the blocklist or disable it for a specific amount ...

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razzle chart.jpeg (616.13 KB)

https://boards.4chan.org/g/thread/99932284#p99943763 tech bro sucking up to faggers can /g/tards confirm is it as bad as it seems?

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which one of you fucked with my pc?

come one you faggit, come out. Why are you doing this to me? How long were you in my system and sheit? I know you are reading this. Everytime I cli...

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Screenshot 2024-04-08 164219.png (48.94 KB)

Domain scanning results

Was bored so I ran ZAP webapp scanner on https://bharatchan.com/ and here are the results

Easter egg

Nice easter egg saars

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