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Daily report

I'm gonna start my nofap journey from today and will be sharing daily report in this thread. Wish me anons

1 July 2024

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Oniichan's Retardation

since this board is pretty much dead, I will use it as my safe haven and post random stuff that nobody except I cares about. Don't bother reading.

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Mujhe paise kamane h abhi k abhi

Mujhe nhi rehna iss gandu placement k bharose m 4 saal, mujhe abhi k abhi skills develop karne hai, aur abhi k abhi kaam pe lagna h, mujhe abhi k abhi...

/LaptopsAndPC general

hardware nerds GTFIH

ITT, we will discuss about latest processor chips, some AMD vs intel debate,also on other topics like latest GPUs in market, latest technology, RAM , affordable PC builds and all related stuff

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Zindagi m kabhi 2bhk mat kharidna if you plan to have a kid

Bhay yarr agar aapka beta hua toh he'll need some privacy yarr, this is basic needs, uska yarr khudka kamra hona chahiye, so he can watch porn and coo...

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Mere closest irl dost log might be abandoning me soon

Like I said before I'm stuck in a shitty private college in West Bengal which my retarded dad forcefully put me under management quota, what I didn't ...

I love you rakulcel ❤

Yes you heard that right. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Idc how you look or behave or smell or laugh. I just want you to be mine

watching bhangi friends call Jordan Barett a namard is so painful yaar

do y'all have to deal with bhangi/normie friends, or do you just not have friends ?

Best way to kms (for educational purposes)

Hello, I am curious to know what are the best methods to kms. Ranking should be based on factors like painlessness (as much as possible), quick and easy to do. I'm just curious guy.

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Whole browsing instachammer I've been seeing reels where it's like planA: both age 18-19, plan B:18/19-35 divorced lady, with pictures of anime cougar...

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Ye sufferings kabh khatam hoti hai

>m hu >Last 4 saal se chronically online >Jhand zindagi class 9 se end Tak >Kal pehli barr college gaya ( >>52013 ) >Dekha yarr zindagi kesi, aa...

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30% of people who took Covaxin had adverse events, side effects. Is anyone else worried? Covishield also got linked to sudden deaths and blood clots. ...

Read a Non-theistic religion


Still writing it so comment.

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I did not know PDF-files are that common

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Mujhe apne age k dusre logo se chidh hoti hai

M wahi wala band hu jo >>53071 >>52013 >>54697 Yarr ye jo internet hai boht bekar ki chiz h iske wajah se mujhe boht logo se interact karne ko mil...

Meri ex ki Bhot yaad aari hai yaar haal chaal lelu uske


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Gen Vs B

In b we got raiders, altchan self promoters, it wagie unkils, coomers, coomers that got scammed, n.e.e.t. unkils In gen we got endianpunkfag, daily...

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https://hyperbeam.com/i/ILl7DtRa Need to watch something yaaro, this counselling shit is taking ages. BTW someone please tell me what is the downsi...

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Eisi Zindagi kese jeete anon?

M wahi wala band hu jo >>53071 >>52013 Bhay yarr kal raat boht depression tha, uske sath balls k niche ghamori se rash hogaya tha, Aaj subha utha t...

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End of an era...

Let's commemorate Post QRD (Biography) Share your impression of him, your memories of him and his ideas, what he stood for

Best way to kms (for educational purposes)

Hello, I am curious to know what are the best methods to kms. Ranking should be based on factors like painlessness (as much as possible), quick and easy to do. I'm just curious guy

Congress supports terrorists indirectly?

First love will always be special, because it reminds us of the innocence lost when we loved unconditionally. It reminds of what could have been and t...

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/Daily Diary Posting/

February 05, 2024 https://youtu.be/rRTlLZ05KAs?si=rxVQusyabz3uZokp After a long awaited vacation I was back in the usual routine. Went into depr...