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india #4 at international mathematical olympiad

India got 4 Golds, 1 silver and 1 Honorary mention. USA came #1, China #2 and S.K. #3 https://www.imo-official.org/year_country_r.aspx?year=2024

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the god gene

Question for Science Saars of Bharatchan: There are some families in India which trace their lineage directly to Lord Ram. Assuming any one family...

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science of city planning - /scp/ general

>Well-regulated streets (were) oriented invariably along with the cardinal directions, thus forming a grid-iron pattern. Even the widths of these stre...

/help/ - Advice General

bros, am about to start college at university in the US (100% scholarship mila tha) now i have to choose. My parents don't care what I choose as long as I get some job in the next 5-10 years, but my relatives are pressuring them to tell me to choose engineering. this college also offers astronomy major along with maths, physics, cs, etc.

I am at a loss for what to choose here, I like the idea of doing CSE/ECE/Mechanical engineering but on the other hand since I was a kid I always liked physics/astronomy and shit. But the subject I always scored the highest in was maths for some reason.

What do?

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What's your favourite formula? Can be from any subject in the world.

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Any sfs players here?

Any spaceflight sim players here?

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/mpg/ - math problems general

Post 'em

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If you had a math exam and you could use your phone with internet while attempting the paper, what service would you use to solve questions?

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Astronomy - Maria Mayer edition

Thinking of trying my hands around DIY Telescopes.

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Indian research that you all look for


>indian research

>this guy is currently as professor at some new IIT

>reserved chamar


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Vasuki indicus

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indian space general /isg/

Discussions related to Indian space related activities covering both ISRO and private entities.

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glowie website

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do you look like a scientist?