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indian space general /isg/


Discussions related to Indian space related activities covering both ISRO and private entities.


chandrayan 3 flying highhhh!


kitni pyaari h


now that i am an adult i can buy kids craft kits of ISRO rockets and be happy


>now that i am an adult i can buy kids craft kits of ISRO rockets and be happy

Damn pretty cool, https://axmpaperspacescalemodels.com/index.php/india/product/GSLV%20MkIII%20M1

Check out this website, these guys have model designs which you can print on a good paper and then craft your own isro rockets.

GSLV mk2, mk3 and pslv are there.


Based. Thanks

Aditya L1 has reached its destination more or less.


Mission Page:



Aditya-L1 Mission:

The SUIT payload captures full-disk images of the Sun in near ultraviolet wavelengths

The images include the first-ever full-disk representations of the Sun in wavelengths ranging from 200 to 400 nm.

They provide pioneering insights into the intricate details of the Sun's photosphere and chromosphere.



These were early/non-calibrated pics, will get better and hi-res later.


Shutter operation of Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope(SUIT) of the AdityaL1 that images sun's photosphere & chromosphere


From Private Players, Skyroot Aerospace.

>Excited to share the successful completion of Vikram-1 Stage-2 (Kalam-250) Flex-Nozzle Actuation Test, validating the performance of our Electromechanical Actuators, Flex-seal, and Control Electronics. This brings us closer to the hot firing soon, a crucial milestone leading up to Vikram-I launch.



Halo-Orbit Insertion of Aditya-L1 Successfully Accomplished

>Halo-Orbit Insertion (HOI) of its solar observatory spacecraft, Aditya-L1 was accomplished at 16.00 Hrs (approx) on January 6, 2024 (IST). The final phase of the maneuver involved firing of control engines for a short duration.

>The picture below shows the Halo orbit insertion process graphically in a two dimension picture. The Aditya-L1 spacecraft was moving from Earth towards the L1 point in the direction of Sun. The TCM1 &2 firing oriented the spacecraft toward the Halo Orbit, making it reach the HOI condition (which is a minimum fuel consumption condition) as on 6th January 2024 (Marked by the red dot). The final firing was done at this point, making the spacecraft align with the Halo Orbit. If the HOI manoeuvre was not conducted as done today, the spacecraft would have moved in the direction marked (Without HOI).




Reviving this thread. We need active /isro/ posters.

Pic related in NGLV, our next generation launch vehicles. These will be reusable, three stage to orbit using Methalox engine.



Pic related is RLV-TD (reusable launch vehicle tech demonstrator).

There was a plan to have full fledged RLV on top of GSLV (formerly gslv mk2) but currently it's being tested for navigation etc. Three flights have completed so far.

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