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test thread


Accepting submissions for State Flags and other cu...




back from wagecvckery time to grind



When are you gonna make /porn/ board admin? Saale bhangi kaamchor din bhar gaand pasare aaram farmata rehta hai, thoda kaam dhanda karle nirlaj Aaj ke aaj mereko /porn/ board dikh jaana chaiye Haath chala fatafat


Fix it

Madarchod admin posts are still not getting deleted Work extra time idc, grind those pajeet ass up


improve the website

improve the website design


Don't mind me




How do I delete my own posts which I find cringe after typing? It asks for password and issue date No I'm not gonna sign up on this stupid website



Bharatchan v1


Janny/Admin why aren't older posts being deleted? And what are you doing with muh IPs.? And why do you even host an imageboard?


/his/ when


Region ban all foreign flags



Is my data going to gobermint?

Admin, I want to be convinced that bharatchan is not a glowhole. I don't want some fat underpaid unkil to look at my posts and book me for thought crimes against Milards of the court and Cuckendra Mudi the first of his name. I don't want to be booke...



Few questions for mod sir




I think this site needs DDoS protection

I tried making a 1000 multithreaded requests and all were accepted. Even the counter on the site was updated.


Bharatchan v1


Welcome to Bharatchan! Follow this thread for information related to updates, features etc.

Currently you can,

>create posts

>reply to posts

>share media (images, videos, pdf)

>embed images directly into posts (not recommended)

>bookmark posts

>hide posts which you don't like

Soon following features will be added,

>trip code support for users

>ability to delete posts

Refer to FAQ page for more information. Cheers!

>>575(OP) Note that was not me, i have increased the limit on number of sign ups.

Note again, sign up doesn't save anything which can identify any anon irl. Consider sign up as one time captcha that's it.

On the other note, i am working on a way to ensure anons can post without login but it is under test and can't tell how long it will take to implement.


December 1 Update


>sign up limit has been increased

>you can now highlight a part of text and click on reply button to quote that text in the input form

>design updates wrt attachments, etc.

>just for trials, emoji handlers are improved to make it easy to use them in posts

>character counts in the form to let users keep track of the content length

Ig these were the major ones, feel free to add your suggestions or banners etc. in >>577.

Up Next

>Trip code support

>more customized state flags

>notification and tracking user posts (locally)

>last active marker in threads



User Data Storage Transparency

Since you guys keep going on about muh glowie, etc. etc. I am taking time to provide you the snapshot of all the user related data which is storad at BharatChan.

>user info

>post info

>meta info related to post to help during moderation (this information is cleared within few days)

>meta info related to attachments

These are the only records which are relevant to posters.

I can't provide exact column names due to safety issues, but pic related should give you enough information and idea. Hope that helps.

Note that passwords are encrypted too.



>Refresh now button added, it only fetches new posts thus performance is better compared to loading entire page everytime

>Due to bugs and inconsistent performance, auto refresh button has been removed

>Added flags for Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka along with custom 'Āryāvarta/Bhārata',flag

Some further style and internal changes have been implemented, would recommend clearing the cache of browser to ensure you are not facing any issues due to old static files.

Also, since i have cleared the website cache, you may experience slowness during earlier usage.


December 7 Update

>Preview section at homepage which displays info about new updates, active users, total visits

>Minor style updates related to post-view page & new flag for Assam added.

Regarding, >>829

I have taken note of this and working, should be published by the end of the week.

Also, remember to clear the cache of the browser after every new updates to ensure you are getting updated static css and js files, otherwise you can see some issues/ errors.

I have cleared website cache so for sometime you may experience some slowness while using the website. Thanks all from my end TC!

December 9 Update

Major updates which now allow you to,

>copy paste images directly from clipboard to form

>hovering over the (You)s/reference will now show you the posts

>locally tracking your posts and highlighting replies to them

>clicking on images in catalog will open the thread

Apart from these there are few minor style / handling updates. Highly recommend clearing browser cache to ensure you are not facing issues due to old static files.

Also, have cleared web cache so you may experience slowness for sometime.


Few more important updates,

>now your last scroll position is stored for each thread

>bookmark and hide buttons can now be accessed by clicking on that arrow icon in the post headers/title.

>all the emojis have been optimized, size has been reduced by the factor of 32

>some bugfixes related to file uploads have been implemented

>meta images updated to dynamically use board banners

Important Note: clear your browser cache to ensure you are using latest static files and not facing any issues.

I have cleared web cache so you may experience slowness for few hours. TC!

December 15 Update

No longer need of login to post

Account creation is optional, it is useful if you don't want to wait for repeated validation everytime you post.

Clear your browser cache! important

Have clear web cache so you guys may face slowness for few hours!

Next up, themes, etc.


December 27 Update

Dark Mode is here, in the home page scroll down and select theme name Kṛṣṇa कृष्ण 𑀓𑀾𑀱𑁆𑀡 to apply it.

Create Thread, reply post and few other buttons have been rearranged and UI has been further improved based on the suggestions of anons in >>577 thread.

Also, bug related to thumbnails in smartphone view has been fixed.

Important: Clear your browser cache, to ensure you are not facing issues due to old static files



Introducing New Theme - Aruna

Based on the primary theme from old inch. You can select in the drop down of theme selection present in homepage.

Also, it's now the default theme for the website. TC!


Jan 2nd Update

Added two more themes - Parni पर्णि 𑀧𑀭𑁆𑀡𑀺 and Indīvara इन्दीवर 𑀇𑀦𑁆𑀤𑀻𑀯𑀭.

Next up trip code support, ability to delete posts, user tags in a thread. More custom flags.


Jan 5, 2024 Update

Trip Code support is here, you can use trip codes by using format mentioned below,


it will appear to you as,

>username !tripCodeHashValue

Good Night!

March 16, 2024 Update

Few major changes to the website now,

>you can upload files with size upto 8mb

>you can use captcha instead of cloudflare validation while uploading posts

>can embed youtube / spotify / x*tter / image and video urls

for image use following markup,


for video embed use,


>can also delete posts, within 15mins of the posts

just select your post and click on delete button

>new media preview section in home page showcasing most recent media uploaded on the website, clicking on them would take you to the thread

Apart from that few mod related design updates.

Next up,


>file handling optimizations which will solve all the bandwidth or slower load time of files

until then byee byee!


Demo below of embeds,







One more update

User tags are now added to every post, it is based on user IP address. Similar to how it works in other imageboards. Hovering over it will show total posts with that id.


22nd March, 2024 Update

Audio file support has been added, now you can

>directly upload mp3 files

>embed vocaroo urls

>embeds any audio url as long as you are using following syntax


FAQ for embeds syntax has been updated, refer to it for more details.



Updates Regarding Ads

Good Morning saars, one quick update regarding ads. I have enabled updates on this website to make it self-sustaining but it is currently on trial basis where i am experimenting with locations and number of ads.

I understand that most of you hate ads so feel free to use ublock whatever.

If you are facing issues and really don't like the ads and wanted to add something use the suggestions thread >>577

Take care, goodbye!



Optimized ad placement and size, also reduced the number of ads which can be showed per page.

Pic related for reference.


update regarding indiachan.in domain

Before even starting this imageboard, i bought two domains one was bharatchan.com and other was indiachan.in

Eventually decided to bharatchan.com for a fresh start and since then indiachan.in was away dormant.

At first i thought i would just list out some india related communities there so that meant .net inch domain as well as this one but based on new information regarding .net domain, i will not be listing them.

Currently it's just placeholder fun random stuff there on the website but later i may implement some sort of chat room or few more things i have in plans.

If you guys have suggestions or something feel free to email to me about them using the email

>[email protected]

Also, i am intentionally not redirecting from indiachan.in to here since i find it a bit cheap, also i feel that indiachan.in can have its own thing going. For now just bear with this placeholder page for it.



IRC server for BharatChan is live

Good Morning sirs! IRC server is live, you can access it at irc.bharatchan.com

Over next few days, will add support for

>custom emojis in the chat

>ability to get members list command

>active members command

>different channels dedicated to each board

That be all. Sayonara!


Emoji support in Bharat Chat (irc)

Discord sisters, now you can use emojis in the chat. To get emoji codes refer to the https://bharatchan.com/emoji page.

Good Day! Back to wagie cagie.


Reduced post creation cooldown

Two important things to note,

>captcha is now case insensitive

>cooldown for captcha request has been reduced to 5seconds

>similarly cooldown for new post / reply creation has been reduced to 5 seconds.

Purge your browser cache to ensure you are having updated static files. Rest of the fix of the reported bugs coming soon.


New update - Bugfixes

Most of the bugfixes addressed by anons have been resolved, few in particular are

>post actoins button floating over Form

>not including timestamps in case of youtube urls

>captcha getting cropped in dark mode

Other than there are few style updates related to emoji.

>board reference using >>>/board_name/ not working

I have already started work on,

>add spoilers for images

>ability to have static form to ensure anons can post even with js disabled

>better buttons/icons for page down/ go to top button etc.

>archives section

>improving UI during post view, ensuring familiarity with the other chans

>reverse image search

Some additional moderation tools and maybe recruitment of few mods. Expect next update in a few days. At the same time irc.bharatchan.com is being constantly updated, soon you will have emoji section and different channels dedicated to different boards.

Currently due to spam and brigading only indians can send messages in the chat.

Note: I have purged cache which means website will be slow for few hours, ideally should have pushed updates later but since i am working on something this was the ideal time.

Take care everyone :achcha:



clear your browser cache, i hate handling static files (css/js). They require that bs. :apu_over:


Good Morning sirs!

Stats section has been added in the homepage, clear your cache to ensure you have updated stylesheets.

Now moving on to spoilers implementations etc.

Once again cache has been purged so you may experience slowness etc. so kindly bear with it. If there's any error then share it in the suggestions thread.

Good Day, sayo!

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