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what are the stories of tantranons on BhCh or previous inch


How to turn my atheist ass back to God






krishna was a chad >left the oneitis of his life at the age of 16 took sanyas from 16 to 21 >re-established dharma by making more ashrams >the ranchoddas waali kahani >many instances of his leela >in some thought krishna is held as the absolut...



Best way to worship kali maa? What resources should I read ? How to get her blessings?


Favourite part of mahabharat


Anyone has any idea about the pic related flag?


Dharmic perspective on masturbation


Duniya hasseno ka mela


Population and reincarnation


how do you stop the thoughts of going back to her? whats the evolutionary and psychological reason


What do you make of Greek Gods?




share ur experiences w higher entities/ lower entities I'll go first, last year before sleeping I used to see blood red eyes and patterns when I close my eyes and one day, my door slammed open, all the windows were closed, used to hear payal ki aw...


how to stop being pessimistic



Does Bhagwan Indra genuinely hate people with dark...


Kali Yuga Samaapti



The Asura-Deva aryan war


धर्मोत्तमानां चित्राणां सूत्रम् - /धर्मोत्तम/


God / ASI / Reality

God When i think about it, even though the philosophies across the world diverge but they also converge when we think about the creation of the universe, humankind...salvation, prophets, also the idea of soul, brahmin, etc. Lately, since 1 year or ...


How to turn my atheist ass back to God



I want to turn towards God but can't convince myself he is there or not :(


Islam is the only option




Laughable Theology of Islam without any metaphysics


Once I get time out my college (which most prolly will be my summer vacations, a month from now) I will make a megathread on karma yoga and raj yoga and explain to you faggots everything there is to be know about yoga, kundalini jagran and hinduism as a whole.

All these atheism as well as agnosticism, everything is fake

There is only one true God, and people call him by different names, that is, brahman, Allah, and Yahweh etc.

And that God is nowhere but inside you and all of us



Jaldi samay nikalo sir meri bhi kuch aisi hi idealogies hai par is baare mai gyaan nhai hai



Tension mat lo. Ekdum mast wala banaunga aur usme both right hand path (mainly advaita ideology, not puranic) and left hand path (vamachara, tantric) discuss karunga detail mein

Yahi nai,

right hand path ke through kuch practices bataunga siddhis (supernatural powers) praapt karne ke (surprisingly that too within months)


Left hand path ke through mantr, beej, sotra (aur abhi mudra ke baare mein pad raha hu) bataunga aur unhe kaise use karna hai

Lekin ek cheez hai, always remember that ultimate aim is complete liberation, you will reach higher layers of consciousness but at the end they'll also be maya. And it takes births after rebirths to reach that aim, so you have to be patient, like very very patient.



keep following religion, even while questioning the existence of god. he'll give you a sign soon enough. i too, was a hindu but i always doubted the existence of any and all gods. till i got a sign of confirmation, one only i would believe, and everyone else would find bogus. that was enough for me.

also, don't fall for the bullshit goyworship they call hinduism these days. none of that "2 litre doodh shivling ko chadhana". follow the principles that the gods teach, pray to them for strength in times of need, and use your money to feed those who need it. don't fucking waste it on andhvishwas gobledygook.



arey bhai siddhiyaan bata na kaise prapt ki jaaye

btw are you the same guy who posted the pinned thread on /x/?



Read sapiens. Religion is a retarded concept and won't survive this century


> t.



sorry to break it you anon, it's over.

I have realised that it needs a specific sort of psyche and mental condition/chemial balance to believe in super natural and quite frankly i have never had one, think of it like a disability (I am calling it disability in the same way whities call normal dick "uncircumcised"), you are doomed because now you know there is no grand plan and sheer randomness pervades everything, our ancestors have tried every fucking mental acrobatics to keep their doomerism away and I'm quite honestly impressed with it like adviata vedanta, budhism and shit like that but how tf does someone carry out self delusion on daily basis ? it's baffling bc. currently i just enjoy life in material pleasure but try to avoid attachment because that causes unnecessary suffering, i like to enjoy watching believers get btfo by midlife crisis as they slowly start doubting again and go all in on capitalist hedonistic brutality around them, only to end up feeling empty.

my advice is exercise to have your brain chemical in steady state, reduce desire as much as possible but chill out if you can't, read novels especially fiction, watch movies and avoid too much philosophy.



But since you're in this site. You can't even enjoy material things.



You should try J Krishnamurthy

No he doesn't shill God or the supernatural but it's just very interesting and in line with what you were talking about


Everyone is an atheist when reliant on faith. A true theist is the one who knows God. Yoga Vaishishta says that a wise person is neither an atheist or a strictly staunch traditionalist.



Its good that you want to understand god read spiritual book. Bhagvad Gita as it is just by reading the introduction part you're few doubts will resolve and eventually all of them, just read 10 min atleast daily.

Hare krsna



first Ruin your life, Get into worst of situation, And then, if In the peak of all the trouble of life, If You pray to god, Were never an atheist, Best test. Also, Most probably you'll start believing in god 101. That's how my parents taunt me all time.

Bure waqt mein bhagwaan hi kaam aaenge. Baad mein pachtaoge ki maa baap hi shi kehte the



There's a difference in believing/doubting in god's existence, and praying hollowly to cope.

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