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welcome to /gen/ - General

Use this board for random non-political discussions. >>>/gen/ to view catalog.

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BharatChan Fun Nights

Dear all, I've a humble proposal for you. I think Saturday nights which are movie nights for now should also host game nights. Together it should be ...

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Dogville Thread

This is a thread about moments where your idealism got destroyed and all you had left to do is seethe at the bitter reality that is waiting for you. ...

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>be me, 18M >Alcoholic father that always favoured his daaru collection and public reputation over developing bond with family and screams and shouts...

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/N.E.E.T/ gen - Comfy Edition

The NEET thread. After palayan

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Climate change is a hoax

Climate change is a hoax. Please discuss.

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Gay bheem expose thread

Mota bheem mota bheem

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Indian Jeet Classification

Type classification of young Indian jeets This list is in no way a sensus survery, all jeets are theoretically possible can exist, these are commonly...

I have no talent at 20 yo. What do?

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Join the BharatChan movie night yaaro Movie starts by 11:00 30 minutes left! https://hyperbeam.com/i/tMJyRo6Z

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सच कहु तो होंठ जलते है मेरे चुप रहु तो सांस ही ना आये मुश्किल है बोहत ही, अब छुपाना या बताना, ज्यादा पास आना है असल में दूर जाना, मेरे साथ, मे...

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If just more people have enough sex. This world will be a better place

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If this ordinary tt can do it, why can't you? Wake up /gen/, you're destined for greatest

MV5BZjNjZWViNTYtYzAzZC00OTY2LWIzMTMtNTcxNzQzNzNiYjc4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyODE5NzE3OTE@._V1_.jpg (114.87 KB)

Senior citizens of Bhch

How is arranged marriage market going these days? >do kaali foids still get rejected like they are subhumans? >does govt job card still compensates ...

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>somehow getting a govt job is only way I can get my daily bread. No yaar. Do anything, literally anything. Govt. job is a rat race. Even if you won ...

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coping wagie cagie thread

>just got free from my wagie cagie now i will go through all the requests and bug details mentioned throughout this chan and work through it how's ...

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Pajeetposting general

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I miss Indiachan . This place is dead

yaaro do you think inch was destroyed intentionally ? It was getting traction and good amount of people were cooming there later jeefags infested it ...

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How trolls work

First, they accuse you of a stereotype based on something you don't associate with You then deny it They then accuse you of denial/whataboutism/etc....

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do you feel sad after having dinner?

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/Daily Diary Posting/

February 05, 2024 https://youtu.be/rRTlLZ05KAs?si=rxVQusyabz3uZokp After a long awaited vacation I was back in the usual routine. Went into depr...

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good morning

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vocaroo thread


Ruchika Sharma

>be Ruchika Sharma >History PhD @ JNU >typical feminist roondi >shame men for calling out her bs >contradicts her own opinions by her actions >st...

A video on how internet ruined society


Please watch this video in your free time

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kot thread

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